Obtain And Maintain Your Work Visa

If you currently reside outside of the United States but have been hired as a seasonal farmer and plan on immigrating to America to work, you may be concerned about the legalities involved in entering a foreign country, and you may be wary about being deported back to your home country. As long as you obtain and maintain your work visa and follow the rules pertaining to this important document, you can fulfill your work obligations without being at risk of being sent home early.

Answer Questions Honestly When Applying For A Visa

If your employer has a staff member who handles immigration procedures, they will assist with filling out a visa application. When applying for your visa, it is pertinent that you are honest about each of the questions that are asked of you. Provide information about any prior arrests or legal matters that you were involved in and your primary address.

Give concise details, concerning how long you plan to be in the United States and the address that you will be residing at. The last thing you need is for details that you omitted to be uncovered, after you enter the United States. If you lie on your application, you could be forced to leave America and denied the right to return in the future. 

Keep Your Nose Clean

While in the United States, you need to follow the laws that other citizens abide by. If you are unfamiliar with laws in America, contact a clerk at a local court house to receive information about specific scenarios that concern you. Since your primary reason for coming to the United States is to work, you should focus on your task at hand, and refrain from placing yourself in precarious situations that could result in you being detained.

Of course, you can still enjoy yourself during hours that you are off, but it is best to participate in wholesome activities that are deemed acceptable. Visit museums, restaurants, or entertainment venues, to learn about the culture in America, or participate in sports or recreational activities, so you have a chance to meet other people with similar interests with whom you can spend free time during your stay. 

Contact An Attorney If A Problem Arises

If your application for a visa is denied or if you encounter a problem after entering the United States that may result in your being required to leave the country, contact an immigration attorney immediately. While speaking with an attorney, explain the situation that you are involved in, and wait for the attorney's response.

An immigration attorney will be aware of steps that can be taken to help you receive approval for a visa or to prevent you from being deported. An attorney can also help you fill out paperwork properly and file documents that are needed to obtain or maintain your visa.

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