Everything You Need To Know About The K-1 Fiancé Visa

International love isn't always easy, but true love is worth the fight. Both sides may experience naysayers, and the couple will need to decide where to live. If you are part of an international couple with one-half of the couple in the United States, you may decide to live in the United States. Visitor visas don't last forever, so many couples will bring non-Americans to America on a K-1 visa, also known as the "Fiance visa". Learn more about the K-1 visa to learn if it's right for you. 

Who can get a K-1 visa? 

Only an adult fiance of an American citizen can receive a K-1 visa. The couple must be engaged to qualify. The fiance's children can come to America on a K-2 visa. Couples who marry outside of America will come to America on a different visa. 

How can I prove my relationship to get a K-1 visa?

Every couple looking to get a K-1 visa is required to prove the legitimacy of their relationship. In order to prove the relationship, couples will need to submit documentation, such as plane tickets, pictures, and phone records. Someone will interview both parties to ensure that the details match. Authorities will also be on alert for signs of fraud or criminal behavior, which can cause a visa to get denied. 

How long do I have to get married? 

It's not enough to simply be engaged. The couple must also get married in a relatively short amount of time: 90 days. If the couple doesn't get legally married in 90 days, the immigrant will need to go back home. 

What happens after the marriage?

After getting married, the American spouse will apply for a green card for the immigrant spouse. Before getting a green card, the immigrant can't work or drive. Since the immigrant can't support themselves at this time, the American spouse or a third-party needs to promise to support the immigrant for a certain number of years. This sponsor can end up responsible if the immigrant ends up on government assistance for any reason. After the green card arrives, the immigrant can drive and work. They will also be able to apply for permanent citizenship. 

How can a lawyer help me?

A green card lawyer can answer your questions about the process. The lawyer will also be able to complete the required paperwork properly so that everything gets approved. Finally, in the worst-case scenario, a green card attorney will help in the case of divorce. 

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