3 Scenarios To Consider Hiring An Immigration Attorney

Immigration is a hot political topic in our country right now and is one that many people struggle with. However, if you are an immigrant that's in the United States either unlawfully or with a visa, then you may want to hire the help of an immigration lawyer. This article will list three different scenarios in which you may want to hire the help of an immigration lawyer to help represent you in court. 

1. You Want To Extend Your Stay

If you are here int eh the United States on a work visa or any sort of other visa and want to extend your stay and become a permanent residence, then you may want to hire the help of an immigration attorney. Immigration attorneys can advocate for you to help you extend your stay and get legal status sooner rather than later. 

2. You Are Here Unlawfully

If you are here in the United States unlawfully, then one of the best things you can do is hire an immigration attorney. An immigration attorney can help protect you just in case you get caught illegally and can help keep your family together if anything does indeed happen. Plus, by taking steps before hand, you can ensure that if you do get caught here unlawfully that you already have the legal representation in place to back you up and fight for you. 

3. You Were Arrested

Because immigration laws are so strict in this country now, you can be arrested by immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) for just about anything if you are here unlawfully. It can even be for something as small as having a brake light out on your car. If you were recently pulled over and arrested for any sort of legal issue whether it is large or not, make sure that you hire an immigration attorney right away to help defend you and represent your case. 

If you have found yourself in any of these situations or if you know of anyone who is one of these situations, one of the best things you can do ifs find an immigration attorney that you can trust. When looking around for an immigration attorney, make sure that you choose someone who has years of representation, and that can really go the extra mile to give you the legal representation that you need both in court and outside of court. Contact an immigration attorney near you to learn more. 

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