3 Things You Should Know And Do When Finding An Immigration Attorney

Immigration law is a complex and broad area of law. It applies to many different situations, such as marriage-based immigration, naturalization applications, asylum applications, and more. The immigration lawyer will interview the client to understand their situation and determine if they are eligible for immigration relief. When you have a meeting with an immigration lawyer, you should:

  • Know the documents to bring along

  • Clearly understand how you want the lawyer to help you

  • Have done a background check on the lawyer to ascertain they're the right fit for your needs

  • Know the date and time for the meeting

If possible, arrive a few minutes earlier to analyze the lawyer's office and their mode of operation. This will give you an idea of how working with them will feel like. Here are a few things you should know and do when looking for an immigration lawyer.

Understand That Some Immigration Lawyers Focus on One Type of Immigration Law

Some immigration lawyers may only work with individuals applying for a visa or green card, while others might have experience in a wider variety of issues, including family-based petitions, employment visas, and asylum cases. Others specialize in business-related immigration services like the H-Visa program, which caters to the needs of high-level executives and their families. 

Get a Bilingual Lawyer Where Necessary

Many immigration lawyers are fluent in English and other languages, so it's a good idea to research whether the lawyer is bilingual. Often, clients come from countries where English isn't their first language.

If that's not possible, they need someone who can provide some level of translation and explain the often complex legal proceedings to them. 

It Pays to Research the Lawyer Before the Meeting

A prospective immigration law client should research in advance to find out if the lawyer can take their case. The best way to do this would be by reading reviews posted about the individual on websites or social media platforms. Reaching out to former clients also helps. Immigration lawyers are graded on various factors, including experience, education level, and case success. 

Understand Who Will Be Handling Your Case

Some law firms have many attorneys, and it may not be clear who will work on your immigration case. During the consultation meeting, request to see the lawyer assigned to your case. Evaluate their expertise and skills level and gauge whether you'll be comfortable working with them.

As you will realize, finding the right attorney creates a stress-free working relationship, leading to a faster solution to immigration problems. Contact an immigration attorney to learn more.

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